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Friday, 21 April 2017


Dear John is a romance novel by American writer Nicholas Sparks released in 2006. Its plot is an adaptation to present day's American culture of three plays Marius, Fanny and César, called la Trilogie Marseillaise written by French author Marcel Pagnol c. 1930. It was on the New York Times bestseller list in 2007.

The story is about a romantic couple who fall in love over one summer. They are separated during the man's military service. John Tyree, the main character, has a father with Asperger's syndrome. The story is partially set in Wilmington, North Carolina where John's father was a single parent who had difficulty having meaningful conversation with his son and has an obsession with coin collecting. John knows there is something wrong with him but he has never been to a doctor to find out what it is. Feeling a lack of direction and no good fatherly influence in his life, John enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces.


Weary of alcohol, meaningless relationships and a lack of direction, John Tyree joins the Army. He’s on leave for a few weeks in his hometown of Wilmington, N.C., when he meets Savannah Lynn Curtis on a beach. Savannah, a college student, is leading a group of coeds in building Habitat for Humanity homes. She and her group have rented a beach house to use during their stay. John and Savannah hail from different backgrounds: Savannah grew up in a Christian home with two devoted parents, while John was raised by a quiet, meticulous father with a passion for coin collecting. Nevertheless, they feel an instant connection and begin to spend every free moment together. By the end of John’s leave, the two have fallen in love and promise to be married when he’s discharged. Meanwhile, they will write.

The novel follows the ups and downs of their long-distance relationship, including their joyful moments and arguments during John’s short Army leaves. When John’s time in the army is nearly complete, September 11 rocks the nation, and he decides it is his patriotic duty to re-enlist. Savannah understands but can’t hide her disappointment. Time and distance begin to take their toll, and Savannah sends John a letter saying she’s in love with someone else.

John tries to deal with his emotions by burying himself in his military career, and he spends his leaves with his ailing father. When Savannah met John’s dad years earlier, she suggested he might have Asperger’s syndrome, a disorder resembling autism. As John begins to understand the disorder, he learns to relate to his father and comes to deeply appreciate the man who raised him. When his father’s health finally fails, John learns his dad has left him a coin collection worth a small fortune.

Grieving his dad’s death, John visits Savannah’s hometown. He finds her at the farmhouse she and her husband own, and he learns she married her friend Tim, with whom she’d been building homes the summer she met John. Tim had always been kind and respectful to John, though John knew Tim loved Savannah, too. Savannah seems unhappy with life, and John learns it’s because Tim is in the hospital battling cancer. She believes an expensive experimental treatment may help him, but they can’t afford it. She bares herself emotionally and physically to John in the midst of her pain. Though it’s heartbreaking, he declines her advances and leaves town. He sells his father’s coin collection and anonymously funds the treatment Tim needs. Later, he returns in secret to Savannah’s farm. The treatment has worked, and she and Tim are happily resuming their lives.

Download the book: Dear John.pdf

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