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Saturday, 22 July 2017


The Long Surrender is a book by Charlotte Lamb, published in 1978. The book is about two central characters:

A deranged stalker/rich businessman who finds no compunction with the physical and mental abuse, rape and objectification of his 'love'. He is also chronically unfaithful and has a room wallpapered with photos he got someone to take of her for three years without her knowledge.Its central themes are abuse, rape, violence and love.
A nightclub singer who reluctantly agrees to marry her ex-husband, the hero of the story, again as payment for the money he loans her to pay for her brother’s gambling debt. Their 1st marriage only lasted 6 months due to heroine’s sexual issues and Hero is willing to persevere through it this time around. When the truth re: her sexual issues come out, they find that there are other problems they have to tackle to make their marriage work. 

From the book:

Should she accept this second chance?

Three years before, Selina's brief and diastrous marriage to Ashley Dent had ended in divorce. Now he had turned up and was pressuring her to marry him again.
"If you thought I'd gone out of your life for good, you were wrong," he informed her menacingly. "I don't give up anything without a struggle."

Circumstances had changed and Selina was forced to consider his proposal. She had never stopped loving him -- but could she overcome the terrible fear that had ruined her marriage the first time?

Download the book: The Long Surrender.pdf

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