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Saturday, 12 August 2017


What Happened to Goodbye is a young adult novel by Sarah Dessen. The book chronicles the life of a 16- to 17-year-old girl, Mclean, and her journey of self-discovery. The story begins with the narrator, Mclean Sweet, describing the table of her dad's new restaurant.


Mclean lives with her dad, Gus Sweet. Mclean hates the fact that her parents are divorced and that her mom married her dad's favorite basketball team-Defriese University's new coach, Peter Hamilton. Mclean despises her mom for leaving their family. In her backstory, Mclean and her father have moved three times in the last two years because of her dad's new job at EAT, Inc. With each of the moves, Mclean decides to take on different personas. Lakeview is their fourth move. Mclean is quizzed as to which persona she would pick—whether it would be the "the perky rah-rah girl, black-clad drama queen, or student government joiner". But as she begins school, she forgets about all those personas and starts to be herself and attracts new friends, plus a new romance. Gus is trying to rebuild a restaurant called the Luna Blu, which is described as a "Contemporary Italian and old-fashioned good" and in the process he meets Opal. Opal is the type that "[takes] each criticism personally". She is the manager of Luna Blu and has been there ever since she was a teen. She is very stubborn and likes things done her way. She accidentally accepts the responsibility of making a complex model of the town, which ends up being taken over by Mclean and her friends. Opal and Gus try to rebuild Luna Blu but couldn't, so Gus decided to close it down.

After living in Lakeview for a few months, Mclean discovers that her dad got another job offer in Hawaii. While she is trying to cope with the ideas of moving for a fifth time, her friends find out about all the different personas she has taken on by discovering that she has four different Ume pages, each with a different girl that they don't recognize. An Ume page is similar to a Facebook page. Mclean for once is grateful to go to the small beach town of Colby with her mom, which her mom had insisted on doing during Mclean's spring break. She is relieved to get away from all the overwhelming events that has happened back in Lakeview. While she is in Colby, Mclean overhears her mom telling a friend that she thinks that it was mistake inviting Mclean to come to the beach. Since Mclean feels out of place, she decides to leave her mom's house to go to the Poseidon, an old, worn out motel that smells like mildew. Mclean and her mom use to spend many nights in the Poseidon, when they took one of their spontaneous beach trips. Confused and in need of a companion, Mclean calls her "two a.m.", the person she knows she can always rely on no matter what, Dave. In the meantime her parents are worried about her. Mclean's mom frantically calls her dad. While Mclean's dad is leaving the house to drive up to Colby to look for Mclean, he sees Dave who tells him where Mclean is. Mclean's parents both go to the Poseidon. There, Mclean tells them about the different personas she has taken on and, for the first time, they realize how hard the divorce is for her. Mclean's parents apologize. Mclean also finds out that she misheard her mom when she was talking to her friend. Her mom was talking about not wanting to host a party at her house this year, like she has done in the past.

Following the conversation with her parents, Mclean decides that she will not go to Hawaii with her dad because she does not want to have to start all over again with a new school and new friends so near to the end of her senior year, so her "only option" is finishing her senior year in Tyler, where her mom lives. When she gets back to Lakeview, after her trip to the beach, she finds out her father's restaurant is officially closing. 

When Mclean gets home, she hears a woman talking and crying with her dad. She thinks it's Lindsey, who is an annoying councilwoman her dad was briefly dating, but it turns out to be Opal. She finds out that her dad and Opal have been dating. Two weeks later, Mclean and her friends have finished the model, and her dad has officially been assigned to the project in Hawaii. Opal has submitted her resignation, and once the Luna Blu building is put on the market, she plans on buying it to start her own restaurant. Mclean is packing up her belongings because her mom is picking her up and taking her to Tyler that day. As Mclean and her mom are starting to drive away, Mclean's mom stops the car and decides she can't take her daughter away from Lakeview and all of her friends; she can't make Mclean move again. Mclean moves into Opal's spare room and finishes her senior year at Jackson High.

Download the book: What Happened To Goodbye.pdf

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